What You Can Do

We face an uphill battle in our effort to preserve the way of life that has been built over a century along the Beartooth Front. Your involvement makes a difference.

Here’s what you can do.

Follow this site.
Click on the “Follow” button on the right side of the page and enter your email address. You’ll get updates as soon as they’re posted. We promise to send information only when it’s important, and we will never share your address with others.

Talk to your neighbors.
We received the overwhelming support of our community in signing the petition. It’s important for people to understand what is happening to maintain that support.

Write letters.
Our point of view will get overshadowed by comments by the Commissioners if we don’t take the time to make public statements. Here’s how you can get a letter out:

Stillwater County News (or mail to: editor@stillwatercountynews.com)
Billings Gazette
County Commissioners
You can send a letter to the general Commission mailbox (commission@stillwater.mt.gov), or write to the Commissioners individually:
Dennis Shupak (chair): dshupak@stillwater.mt.gov
Mark Crago (Commissioner for Beartooth Front): mcrago@stillwater.mt.gov
Maureen Davey: mdavey@stillwater.mt.gov

Donate. After four years of volunteer effort, the Commissioners have forced us to deal with them in the courts. This takes resources, and we are entirely funded by contributions. If you wish to contribute, send a check made out to Stillwater Protective Association, with Beartooth Front Coalition noted in the memo line, and mail to:

Beartooth Front Coalition
PO Box 22
Fishtail, MT 59028