This site provides news and information about the efforts of Beartooth Front landowners to establish a balance between their rural agricultural way of life and potential future oil and gas drilling.

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9/13/18 – Beartooth Front Coalition seeks summary judgment in case against the County by Mikaela Koski
8/23/18 – Stillwater County News, Stillwater County Commissioners are not doing their jobs
8/7/18 – Beartooth Front landowners win first round of lawsuit
8/2/18 – Stillwater County News, Court hearing held in CIZ petition case
5/14/18 – Beartooth Front Coalition files response to motion to dismiss and requests hearing.
5/1/18 – Stillwater County files motion to dismiss suit.
3/20/18 – Media coverage of Beartooth Front Coalition
3/15/18 – Letter to the Editor, Ex-Commissioner Weighs in on CIZ
3/7/18 – Preserve the Beartooth Front – Stillwater residents give commissioners an earful on proposed policy (video)
3/7/18 – Billings Gazette Guest Opinion – Stillwater commission forces lawsuit to protect our rights
3/6/18 – Last Best News – Residents pan county’s proposed zoning guidelines
3/5/18 – Stakeholder Update – BLM will not sell oil and gas leases in Stillwater County next week
3/1/18 – Last Best News, Opinion: Commission imperils private-property rights
3/1/18 – Stillwater County News, Citizen initiated zoning petition battle reaches court
2/28/18 – Billings Gazette, Petition to regulate oil, gas development in southcentral Montana was unfairly denied, landowners’ lawsuit claims
2/27/18 – Yellowstone Public Radio, Residents Suing Stillwater County, Concern Over Possible Oil Drilling Near Bearthooth Front
2/27/18 – Last Best News, Citizens Sue Stillwater County Officials Over Zoning Issue
2/23/18 – BFC files legal action against Stillwater County Commissioners
2/20/18 – Stakeholder update
2/8/18 – Stillwater County News, Petition Issue Pointing Toward Litigation
2/8/18 – Letter to the Editor, Disappointing  Petition Decision
2/8/18 – Letter to the Editor, County Commissioners Turn Backs on Beartooth Landowners
2/1/18 – Stillwater County News, Petition Deemed Invalid, Possible Lawsuit Against County in the Works


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Beartooth Front landowners win first round of lawsuit

Judge Blair Jones issued his first ruling today in the lawsuit Beartooth Front Coalition et al. vs. Board of Commissioners, Stillwater County. In the ruling he denied the County’s motion for dismissal of the case. The Beartooth Front landowners are suing the County because they believe the County unfairly denied their petition to establish a … Continue reading Beartooth Front landowners win first round of lawsuit

Media coverage of Beartooth Coalition Front lawsuit

The efforts of landowners in southern Stillwater County to guarantee long-term protection of their land has generated a lot of media coverage locally and across Montana over the last several weeks. The reason is clear — the landowners’ lawsuit against the County has long-term implications not only locally, but for landowner rights across the State. … Continue reading Media coverage of Beartooth Coalition Front lawsuit

BLM will not sell oil and gas leases in Stillwater County next week

Three leases in the Beartooth Foothills will not be put up for sale as planned next week, the BLM announced today. The parcels were scheduled to be part of an online auction on March 13. The BLM had proposed offering 109 parcels covering nearly 63,500 acres in an online auction to be held March 12 and … Continue reading BLM will not sell oil and gas leases in Stillwater County next week

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