This site provides news and information about the efforts of Beartooth Front landowners to establish a balance between their rural agricultural way of life and potential future oil and gas drilling.

Latest News
9/13/18 – Beartooth Front Coalition seeks summary judgment in case against the County by Mikaela Koski
8/23/18 – Stillwater County News, Stillwater County Commissioners are not doing their jobs
8/7/18 – Beartooth Front landowners win first round of lawsuit
8/2/18 – Stillwater County News, Court hearing held in CIZ petition case
5/14/18 – Beartooth Front Coalition files response to motion to dismiss and requests hearing.
5/1/18 – Stillwater County files motion to dismiss suit.
3/20/18 – Media coverage of Beartooth Front Coalition
3/15/18 – Letter to the Editor, Ex-Commissioner Weighs in on CIZ
3/7/18 – Preserve the Beartooth Front – Stillwater residents give commissioners an earful on proposed policy (video)
3/7/18 – Billings Gazette Guest Opinion – Stillwater commission forces lawsuit to protect our rights
3/6/18 – Last Best News – Residents pan county’s proposed zoning guidelines
3/5/18 – Stakeholder Update – BLM will not sell oil and gas leases in Stillwater County next week
3/1/18 – Last Best News, Opinion: Commission imperils private-property rights
3/1/18 – Stillwater County News, Citizen initiated zoning petition battle reaches court
2/28/18 – Billings Gazette, Petition to regulate oil, gas development in southcentral Montana was unfairly denied, landowners’ lawsuit claims
2/27/18 – Yellowstone Public Radio, Residents Suing Stillwater County, Concern Over Possible Oil Drilling Near Bearthooth Front
2/27/18 – Last Best News, Citizens Sue Stillwater County Officials Over Zoning Issue
2/23/18 – BFC files legal action against Stillwater County Commissioners
2/20/18 – Stakeholder update
2/8/18 – Stillwater County News, Petition Issue Pointing Toward Litigation
2/8/18 – Letter to the Editor, Disappointing  Petition Decision
2/8/18 – Letter to the Editor, County Commissioners Turn Backs on Beartooth Landowners
2/1/18 – Stillwater County News, Petition Deemed Invalid, Possible Lawsuit Against County in the Works