BFC files legal action against Stillwater County Commissioners

Today the Beartooth Front Coalition (BFC) and other individual landowners filed a legal action against the Stillwater County Commissioners and the County Clerk and Recorder. The suit was a response to the County’s rejection of the BFC’s petition to establish a citizen-initiated zone.

You can view the legal action by clicking here.

The lawsuit asks the court to do several things:

  1. Issue a “writ of mandamus,” which will force the County to follow its own rules and certify that we have achieved the 60% of signatures required to move the petition forward.
  2. Make a declaratory ruling regarding citizen-initiated zoning that states that Montana law does not require any mineral interests to be counted toward the 60% signature threshold.
  3. Issue a temporary restraining order that prohibits the Commissioners from adopting any policy regarding citizen-initiated zoning that includes mineral interests while the lawsuit is being considered.
  4. Bar the Commissioners from retroactively requiring us to get the signatures of any mineral owners.
  5. Require the Commissioners to pay our relevant legal costs and court fees.

The County has 30 days to respond.


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