Media coverage of Beartooth Coalition Front lawsuit

The efforts of landowners in southern Stillwater County to guarantee long-term protection of their land has generated a lot of media coverage locally and across Montana over the last several weeks. The reason is clear — the landowners’ lawsuit against the County has long-term implications not only locally, but for landowner rights across the State.

In addition to this coverage, local residents deluged the Commissioners with dozens of letters opposing their position on citizen-initiated zoning.

This post provides links to published articles and letters.

News Coverage
March 7 – Preserve the Beartooth Front, Stillwater residents give Commissioners an earful on proposed policy (video)
“As you would expect, people took the opportunity to express their indignation, not only about the proposed policy, but about the pattern of excuses, inaction, and delay that had brought them to this point.”

March 6 – Last Best News, Residents pan county’s proposed zoning guidelines
by Linda Halstead-Acharya
“Bill Peterson of Nye …pointed out what seemed obvious to everyone present. ‘I thought it was interesting that there were no proponents, he said.” Continue reading “Media coverage of Beartooth Coalition Front lawsuit”


Video of Stillwater Commissioners public hearing on CIZ policy

Stillwater County Commissioners held a public hearing on their proposed policy on citizen initiated zoning in Columbus on Tuesday, March 6.

The room was packed, with speaker after speaker coming forward to oppose the policy. There were no speakers in favor of the policy.

Video of the hearing:

List of opponent speakers
Dan Burkhart, Fishtail (not present, comments read into record by Commissioner Mark Crago) – 2:01
Joan Brownell, Fishtail – 6:35
Bill Hand, Nye – 10:01
Burt Williams, Fishtail – 15:17
Charles Sangmeister, Nye – 20:26
Lana Sangmeister, Nye – 24:09
Bill Peterson, Nye – 29:09
Noel Keogh, Nye – 30:44
Bill Muldoon, Fishtail – 33:34
Kathleen Ralph, Columbus – 39:38
Virginia Cross, Fishtail – 40:48
Dot Gallagher, Columbus – 42:56
Mike Lorash – 44:42
David Katz, Nye – 45:59
Noel Wood, Nye – 55:58
Kirsten Feldman, Fishtail – 56:21
Doxie Hatch, Nye – 57:08

Written comments
Note that there are at least a dozen other written comments. Additional written comments will be accepted until Tuesday, March 13. Email them to:

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3/7/18 – Preserve the Beartooth Front – Stillwater residents give commissioners an earful on proposed policy (video)
3/7/18 – Billings Gazette Guest Opinion – Stillwater commission forces lawsuit to protect our rights
3/6/18 – Last Best News – Residents pan county’s proposed zoning guidelines